ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) currently widely used EMS in the world, with more than 6,000 certifications in the UK and 111,000 certifications in 138 countries worldwide.

ISO 14001 is the main management system standard that specifies the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS. Three fundamental commitments underpin an environmental policy for compliance with ISO 14001 requirements, including:

  • Pollution prevention.
  • Compliance with existing laws.
  • SML continuous improvement.

These commitments provide guidance for improving overall environmental performance.

ISO 14001 can be used as a tool, focus on controlling environmental aspects or the direction of activities of your products and services with regard to environmental management; for example, emissions to air, land, or water. Organizations are required to explain what they are going to do, follow available procedures and document their efforts to demonstrate compliance and improvement. You are expected to set goals, objectives and implement programs to improve your environmental performance which in turn will benefit from an increase in finance.

The organization needs to recognize the applicable law, the relevant statutes and other relevant requirements. These important matters relate to recognizing emerging government regulations so that compliance level measures can be adopted and periodically evaluated to ensure that these requirements are understood by employees and can be applied effectively.

The ISO 14001 standard is accompanied by ISO 14004Environmental Management Systems - General guidelines for principles, systems and technical support. This standard consists of several parts, such as the implementation, implementation, maintenance and improvement of System Management and discussions on the use of related principles.

Who can use ISO 14001?

Organizations of all types, business sectors and sizes can improve their environmental performance through the implementation of this standard.

What are the benefits of registration ISO 14001 ?

  • Improve environmental performance according to top management commitments.
  • Cost savings can be achieved through increasing energy efficiency and water use and minimizing waste.
  • Reducing the risk from the occurrence of pollution and other conditions relating to the environment, and therefore the avoidance of unnecessary cleaning costs and / or the implementation of actions by legal institutions.
  • Conformity of law through introduction of new legislation with sufficient time to deal with current environmental problems Reduces the risk of non-compliance with legislation and the costs of subsequent lawsuits.
  • Give a deep impression on a brand where customers will see the organization has carried out good environmental impact control.
  • Increase concentration of business objectives and communicate current environmental issues. Increase the profitability of the organization through reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The advantages of working with us?

  • Certification guarantee. We will ensure monitoring of the program from the beginning of the development process until it is audited by a certification body.
  • Our consultants can be contacted outside of the consultation schedule, outside of special conditions. Clients can always discuss around the clock in system setup and implementation.
  • Handled by senior consultants in their respective fields.
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